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Welcome to the ZL1 Speed Shop! We are glad you decided to visit our website! Our state of the art website platform allows you the user to do many wonderful things. We offer engines, parts, and services for not only GM/Chevrolet, but also for Ford, Chrysler, and Import! Be sure to visit our other store segment by clicking on the tab in the upper most right-hand corner of this screen. We cater to both the High-Performance customer base and the Vintage Collector Car base. To simply your shopping experience, our highly sophisticated website has two stores within one!

Opportunities for your future: If you are approved to be one of our valued dealers / resellers, you can login to our site with unique user-name and password to receive special discounted dealer pricing, check inventory, and place orders in real time day or night, either to ship to your location or drop ship to any location. We offer any and all parts the major online stores carry, and then some. The ZL1 Speed Shop can supply any part or service any other store offers—Guaranteed! We offer better pricing, highly knowledgeable technical advice with 40+ years experience designing, machining, and dyno testing custom engines, and we offer many custom parts or custom kits that other shops cannot handle—many made from high-quality raw materials.

If you are a retail shopper and not interested in becoming a dealer for our company, do not worry, we value your business too! You can shop and check inventory and make purchases on our site just like any other website. However, we hope your shopping experience with The ZL1 Speed Shop will be better than with other companies. We offer “online chat messenger” capability online to help you in real time with questions about fitment for your vehicle or application or any other questions you may have about our products or services in real time. If our chat server happens to be offline, no problem. You can still leave a message in the chat box along with your name and e-mail address. Our follow-up in most cases is very quick if our chat server is offline, and not manned. Look for our chat/messenger pop-up if you have questions or concerns!

Whether you are an approved reseller or valued retail shopper, The ZL1 Speedshop has tried to develop our website with a clean and clear format allowing you to find what you are looking for easily and quickly. You may shop by category at the top of the page if you do not know your exact item's part number, or not yet sure what you may want to buy yet. You can shop by category simply by hovering your computer mouse over the shop by category tab at top of this screen. Or, if you know the exact part number of your item of interest and do not want to shop by category, simply type the part number in our search my part number box at the top of this screen and hit “Go” tab. Lastly, if you are not sure of exact part number and do not want to use the shop by category feature, you may simply type in any key word associated with the kind or type of item or brand of item you are interested in using the “Enter Your Keyword” search box at the top of this screen and hitting the “Go” tab.

If you do not find what you are looking for on our site or need any help or information, contact us. We will be glad to help you. Be sure to play the video below to hear one of our custom 1000+ horsepower engines firing up. If you are an automotive enthusiast at heart like we are, the sound of our custom semi-aggressive camshaft will be sure to make you smile! Visit our “About Us” tab to learn about our history starting back in the late 1960's telling the story of how we have become today a company with decades of experience with a full engine machine shop in-house, dyno facility, parts warehouse, and muscle car restoration facility with hundreds of specialized relationships developed over the years with other excellent companies in the high performance automotive and marine industries -- allowing us to do what other shops cannot. Thank you for your interest in our company! We look forward to working with you!

Custom 1000+hp Engine Built By The ZL1 Speed Shop. The ZL1 Speed Shop Can Build You A One-Of-A-Kind Custom Engine! Contact Us!

Recent Shop Project

Static Image Recently a good customer of ours Shuan Mims sent his 468ci low deck LSX Chevrolet  nitrous engine back to us for a repower for his upcoming racing season. Engine was tore down and examined, new stainless top and gapless ring set after fresh torque plate hone, new bearings, valve job checked on CNC ported LS7 heads flowing over 420cfm, new gaskets and seal, and back together after blue-printing. This is a special custom small block engine designed by the ZL1 Speed Shop with 4.250 stroke in low 9.240” deck height block with special custom pistons, custom grind small base .715 lift cam, and all the goodies. Shaun told us in its first season, it made over 800hp to the wheels on all motor on pump gas. Pretty impressive for a flat top piston engine with a 72cc head chamber. When sprayed with a 200hp nitrous hit, he says it made just under 1000hp to the wheels. I am sure Shaun will be happy when the crate arrives back to Georgia with a fresh 468 small block inside --ready to go for this year's racing season.
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